Artist Statement

What is the role of narrative within the context of the caricature.

My work investigates the role of narrative and fiction in relation to portraiture, conveyed through miniature paintings. I predominantly work in series, depicting fictional portraits of seemingly ordinary and often marginalised people. Although they are drawn from a broad demographic, they are linked together by the way in which they are represented and painted. They feel as though they are part of a community.

My practice has been informed by caricature. This is evident by my use of a stylised and graphical pictorial language. Although there is a risk that caricatures can become clich├ęs, I aim to invest my subjects with a sense of integrity and humanity.

The subjects of my paintings are derived from personal observations, collected through drawings and sketchbooks. This information is shaped and embellished by my imagination. The subjects are drawn from the everyday, the working and under-classes.

Some of my subjects are placed within the context of a surrounding landscape of lawns and trees. Extends the narrative within the work given the kind of content it could portray of what reality could be.

I am aware of other artists working in this territory, such as Jansson Stegner, for example within his series of works he seems to be concerned that portraiture, in his recent works are subjects reduced to their essential elements through the simplification of medium, convey specific qualities in a representation of a figure it attempts to translate the caricature.An aspect of his work, I was drawn to was the simplification which translate similarity within my own artworks.

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